Spanish lessons

Private lessons

Buenos'er offers customized teaching , adapted to your needs, whether they are for leisure, travel or business.

We can come to your home or business in order to dispense our teaching at your convenience.Our method is based on exchange and conviviality.
The classes are characterized by a good working atmosphere and are before all practical, allowing our clients to quickly acquire vocabulary and master
written as well as spoken Spanish.

Spanish for leisure or travel
Have you always dreamed of speaking Spanish? Whether to sing along with your favorite song,chat with friends,or in view of a future trip, we propose a short made-to-measure training.

Spanish for business
You are a businessman or woman dealing with the Latin market and you wish to improve your Spanish, a must in your relationship with customers and suppliers.  
Buenos'er proposes a training perfectly adapted to your professional needs. On site or by webcam when you are away, we will assist you any time.
Single class
At your own place, choose a single class allowing the best management of your agenda.
One class lasts : 1 hour
Book for 10 lessons
One class lasts : 1 hour
With a 3 month validity period 
Lessons for conversation in Spanish
Small groups, 4 or 5 persons each.
Topics will be adapted to the interests of each group, can include the discussion of authors, Latin-American and Spanish or otherwise, DVD's or documentary films.
One class lasts : 1 hour 30 mn

Lessons at your place of business

Whether you are in the banking business, the hotel industry, real state or with a company dealing with Latin America or Spain, learning busines Spanish is essential for you. Buenos'er proposes private or group training on site, well adapted to the needs of your collaborators and their level.
Package 10 hours
Group of 2 persons, 1 lesson per week,1 hour.
1 hour weekly, over a period of 10 weeks. The level of the group must be homogeneous.
Package 20 hours
Group of 4 persons, 2 lessons per week, 1 hour each.
2 hours weekly, over a period of 10 weeks. The level of the group must be homogeneous.


  • Simone G.

    Since my son Luca has been taking Spanish lessons with Madame Rosen,
    we have seen a huge improvement in his Spanish grades at school, he has gained confidence 
    in speaking and is now really enjoying learning Spanish.
    Madame Rosen's lessons are fun and interesting and give children the will to learn. 
    I would highly recommend Madame Rosen !
  • Sergio Camoletto - AFIM SAM President

    For two years, I took private Spanish lessons with Paula Rosen at my office.
    Thanks to Paula, I have been able to speak and read correctly this beautiful language,
    which allowed me to travel all around South America without any difficulties.
    Paula has a personal teaching method in which she shines, applying fun in each lesson. 
    Additionally she has been helpful with specific translations and assisting in phone calls with lawyers. 
    I do strongly recommend her ! 
  • Romane M. - Video conferencing class

    I do strongly recommend Paula Rosen to all those interested in learning spanish.
    Thanks to her, I have been able to speak and communicate during my travels all around South America.
    The Skype lessons have been very useful to me.
    She is a very kind lady and a dynamic teacher. 
    Muchas gracias !
  • Caroline C. - Student at the Universidad Europea Madrid - Video conferencing class

    After the obtention of my baccalaureate in 2016, I wanted to study medicine at the University of Nice,
    but unfortunately because of the limited places, I decided to study dentistry at the European University of Madrid.
    The only downside was that I had never studied Spanish and even if the classes were in English, I needed to understand the language for daily life.
    I decided to contact Paula during the summer before my departure, to start learning Spanish and then I continued by distance (Skype)
    in order to obtain the level requested by the University (B2.2).
    Today, I would like to thank Paula for her pedagogy that allowed me to reach my goals.
    Despite of the distance, she manages to teach a very good quality of lessons (comprehension, writing, grammar, etc…)
    I am very happy about it !
  • Vera J.

    Paula is a wonderful teacher with a great personality. She is very creative and makes the classes fun and engaging, 
    which helps one greatly with making quick progress.
    Her approach is practical and flexible at the same time and she tailors the classes to suit one's specific needs,
    interests and personality. I couldn't recommend Paula enough to anyone interested in learning Spanish !
  • Maura Papa

    Paula is a very good Spanish teacher. She speaks perfect French and English so it's also easy to communicate during grammar sessions.
    She is very professional and at the same time very friendly. Makes you feel like home.
    After six months with Paula I could already have a communication when in vacation in Spain.
    I would recommend her to my friends :)
  • Andre Zilio - Privatam

    I started learning Spanish with Paula because of my job. After a bit more than a year I was fluent in the language 
    and now I can communicate with my clients in their own language. I'm very satisfied.
    Paula is also an extremely pleasant person, I really enjoyed our lessons, a moment of relax, where had a lot of fun while learning.
    I highly recommend her, as a teacher and as a friend !
  • Rozi De Toledo Bebicaci

    Daughter of a Spanish father, I've decided to apply for the obtention of the Spanish nationality, which required to pass quite difficult exams.
    I didn't have any hope to obtain it, because I didn't have the level or even the courage.
    Today, thanks to you Paula, your methodology, tenacity and patience, I manage to obtain my diploma and spanish nationality.
    Thank you so much Paula, to the talented woman you are !